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Is it really that bad When i told people i was reviewing the ikea breakfast i was met with mixed reactions.Some people were in favour, saying it’s good to review all kinds;Others were horrified saying i was lowering myself for a cheap gag.This has actually turned out to be one of the hardest reviews i have ralph lauren outlet written in a long time.On one hand i haveThis breakfast that made me feel dirty(And not in the good way)And on the other i have the price of $2.95.What can i say?Well.This. Checking out breakfast on a friday morning was probably the only smart thing i did that day i really don’t have the temperament to do it on a weekend.We got there just after 9am and i was a little surprised that there was already a line in the cafeteria style restaurant.We grabbed a tray and joined the queue. If you don’t want to carry your tray, they have specially made trolleys that carry several trays at once or just one tray if you’re that way inclined.I was excited to see what was on offer and this whole experience had started to remind of when i was a kid and we had to put on a nice dress to”Go into town”We’d get to eat at the coles fossey cafeteria and we were allowed to have a jelly cup that had a chocolate frog in it.There were jelly cups at ikea as well as danishes, tarts, yogurt, mousse, cakes, fruit and muffins and then there was the hot breakfast. Sitting in bain marie trays were bacon, eggs, sausages, beans, hash browns and tomatoes.For $2.95 you get a single serve of sausage, egg and bacon;You add the extra stuff yourself.There was a choice of eggs poached in pods or powdered scrambled eggs.Andy and i also added a croissant($1.95), danish($2.75)And a bread roll(60c).I have just realised looking at the receipt that we were charged twice for the bread roll.I now understand how the lady in front of me, who was arguing over 30c at the till, felt.I was annoyed at her for making me wait while my breakfast got cold.I judged her wrongly.

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